Our Tasting Room is Open!

Our tasting room in Hector NY is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm! Latest arrival for wine tastings is 4:30pm. Bottle sales until 5pm.


We welcome WALK-INS for wine tasting on a first come first serve basis. If you cannot get in for a tasting right away, we are also happy to sell you a glass or bottle of wine and snacks to enjoy on our gorgeous deck or lawn-no reservation required!

We tend to be busier on afternoons and weekends so, if you would like to be guaranteed a spot for wine tasting immediately upon arrival, we recommend making a wine tasting reservation. You can do so by clicking the link below.

We are currently accepting groups of up to 8 PEOPLE MAX and WE DO NOT ACCEPT SPLIT GROUPS for tasting.


Cabernet bottle

Our Deck and Lawn

Although we do welcome walk-ins for wine tasting, sometimes we are fully booked or simply at max capacity.

If you do not get in for a tasting right away, never fear! As the weather gets more beautiful, there is plenty of room on our gorgeous deck and lawn (WEATHER PERMITTING!) to enjoy a glass or bottle of wine!

We are also excited to offer a selection of pre-packaged local cheese, cured meat and other snacks to enjoy with your wine tasting

Visiting Hours
5677 Route 414 Hector, NY 14841        Tel: 607-546-2800

Grapevine bud

Spring & Summer

April 1 - August 31


7 days a week



September 1 - October 31


7 days a week

Grapevines in winter


November 1- March 31


7 days a week

The view of Seneca Lake from our deck at the Winery.
Wine Bottles
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About Us

Leidenfrost Vineyards is a small, family owned Farm-winery found in the heart of the Finger Lakes in Hector, New York. Located on the southeastern shore of Seneca Lake Leidenfrost Vineyards is an ideal microclimate to grow premium Vinifera, Labrusca and hybrid wine grapes. From vineyard to tasting room, we focus on producing small batch, hand-crafted wines made from the best estate grown grapes in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Founded in 1990, Leidenfrost Vineyards was one of the first Finger Lakes wineries to feature a broad spectrum of dry red wines, including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Baco Noir. We also produce outstanding Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Gruner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Cayuga White, Catawba, Niagara and other flavorful white varieties. Our tasting room staff is fun, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing a unique and memorable experience of our wines. We invite you to experience a taste of the Finger Lakes in our beautiful timber frame tasting room overlooking Seneca Lake.

4 wine glasses with red wine
Red Wine bottles
log cabin white wine bottle and glass of white wine


Featured wine

Log Cabin White

A white Catawba with bright, refreshing notes of

apple and crisp citrus. Semi-Sweet.

White wine bottles
Grape Bud in Spring

In The Vineyard

With Winter around the corner we are wrapping up for the season and getting ready for pruning to begin!

Each vine is meticulously pruned by hand and to ensure the best crop in the upcoming growing season. We are looking forward to a beautiful and productive season in 2022.

In The Wine Cellar

The 2021 wines are being racked and fermented for the spring bottling season and red wines are being tucked away in barrels to age.

We are so excited to offer a Dry Pinot Noir Rose as well as Semi-Dry Gewurztraminer Bluebird, and a new vintage of Tattooed Lady to name a few. The Dry reds such as the 2018 Cabernet Franc, 2019 Baco Noir and Pinot Noir and new 2020 Tango are available for purchase!

Wine Barrels


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